Week 3 Journal

yoga poster week 3

The above is less about this week’s poster making exercise about “Why I do yoga” and more about the spiritual journey I have undertaken, which coincidentally has led me on a parallel trajectory with this course for six weeks. I believe that my participation in the course, whether undertaken with a scientific or a spiritual outlook, will help lead me to a place where I am hopefully more connected with the present, my inner self and also assist me in realigning my values.

My initial goal at the start of the course was to practice yoga and mindfulness meditation daily and as a priority for the duration of the course, with the intention of making it part of my everyday routine beyond the six weeks. This is still my objective. I am trying hard not to aim to become someone else, perfect myself or make measurable improvements to myself in any way, although it might be nice along the way to have an increased number yoga asanas in my repertoire and know how to perform them for most effectiveness (this is the case so far). Rather than knowing more about yoga and it’s benefits, being able to quote facts about it and be able to spruik the benefits of it to myself and others, it will be enough for me to just continue to practice yoga and meditation because it feels great, is helping me in various aspects of my life and facilitating in me the discovery of myself.


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